Are You Sensitive to Mold?

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Are You Sensitive to Mold and Other Allergens?

DID YOU KNOW that even the healthiest people can still suffer negative effects in the presence of some common things around the house, that collect mold and other allergens?

It’s not something that necessarily has to start growing in the basement of your house after your property suffered from water damage. It’s something that can “just happen” and it’s not good always news. But it can be easily fixed, and I will show you how.

First of all, what the heck are we talking about?

Old stuff brought in

There are lots of items that can come into your house that can trigger your allergies or other sensitivities. These can include old cardboard boxes, packages and other items sent or brought to you. The worse of these would be old stuff, things that have been around a while, gathering dust and allergens.


Old ‘normal’ stuff

We’ve all been to a library and sniffed old books. OK, maybe not all of us, but those that remember books and libraries can relate to the musty smell that comes from old books. My wife suffers from allergies and I have personally seen her lose her voice from being around old books. Old books and or documents can be allergen triggers if you are sensitive to dusty old smells, so please be sure to remember this before checking them out or taking them into your home.

Old holiday decorations

Sure, the holidays are a time when you use ornaments and other decorations, and this is just a few times a year… but you have to store them, right? Most people store their decoration in the attic or the crawlspace. At AmeriDri most of our mold jobs are in the attic or the crawlspace. Remember that stored decorations can bring in allergens. It might be best to give them at least a wipe-down while you unpack, if not a complete cleaning, before you set them up in your home or business. Also remember that people with mold allergies may not be able to handle harsh cleaners, so use vinegar and water to clean the decorations.

Old mattresses

This is a tough one, and sometimes a sensitive issue. Sure, it’s OK to pass on mattresses from one generation to another (what is family for?), but what are you getting when you inherit an old mattress or other bedding from someone not close to you? If you are prone to allergies then don’t buy a used mattress. Check out my blog post on mattress cleaning, so you can keep your own mattress clean and sanitized. And don’t be tempted by that new-looking mattress at your neighbor’s garage sale. You just don’t know what you are getting into. Did you know that every mattress has dust mites and other nasty things?


Old rugs and carpet

Rugs and carpet are very important to us, but be sure to have them inspected by your local carpet cleaning professional before bringing them into your home. These are items that can collect all types of allergens and other contaminants that can affect you and your family. Wool rugs and wool carpet is notorious for hiding dirt.

Don’t be afraid to throw your old stuff out if you feel the item in question is making you sick. When my wife got mold poisoning over 15 years ago, we had to through everything we owned away. If I knew 15 years ago what I know now, I would have saved the non-porous items and cleaned them. Don’t use harsh chemicals. Remember, it’s your home and your family’s health. Protect it!



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