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At AmeriDri we aim to please. Whether it’s a carpet stain that you can’t get out or if you want your whole carpet to have a seasonal cleaning, we are here to help. A clean home or business is so essential to a good state of mind and is also necessary if one is aiming to impress. AmeriDri will make sure that your carpets are professionally deep steam cleaned the first time, or its free.

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Here is a Video of AmeriDri’s Steps to Carpet Cleaning

AmeriDri Carpet Cleaning Steps


 Professional Truck Mount Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our Professional Service Technicians will come to your home and give your carpet a thorough cleaning. Do you or your children have asthma, hay fever or allergies of some kind? At AmeriDri Carpet Cleaning will eliminate the allergens that can become so common in carpet fibers. Everything from dust mites, dust, and pollen will be deep steam cleaned. Not only will this lead to better breathing but the whole room will smell better. Another thing to compliment your guests is to get our carpet protector.

So the main reasons why you might choose to call AmeriDri for a carpet cleaning:

To clean up a stubborn stain.

To improve the appearance of your home or business, especially if one aims to impress.

To make sure a room is really clean.

To make sure that the allergens that can get stored in carpets do no bother people with asthma or allergies.

Carpet Cleaning of Colorado Springs, CO

Carpet cleaning is one of those cleaning items that are last on most people’s list of things to spend money on. Many people rent carpet cleaning machines to clean their own carpets, so they can save money. Here are a couple of things to think about. 1. A rental machine only has enough power from your 110 outlet to extract all that ground in dirt and whatever else we bring into our homes or businesses on our shoes and clothes. 2. I have personally been to homes in my 25 years in business, that have been wet for several days after the homeowner cleaned their own carpet and it cost more for me to fix the problem then it would have cost if I was hired in the beginning. You spend a lot of money on your carpet throughout your home or business and professional carpet cleaning is not as expensive as you may think. Only hire a company that will give you a FREE quote. NEVER EVER hire a carpet cleaning company that offers prices so low that it costs less to clean your carpet then a couple of trips to your favorite fast food joint would cost more. Unbelievable low prices could be a bait and switch tactic, where the cleaner gets to your home and then changes all the low prices to much higher prices because they say you need a special detergent to get your carpets clean, etc. etc. Most of these types of cleaning companies use very forceful selling techniques. AmeriDri uses truck mounted steam extraction, which is recommended by most carpet manufactures. For further reading, please check out this blog post carpet cleaning tips

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When you need commercial carpet cleaning, it’s important to choose a reliable company to perform the service. AmeriDri is a well-established professional commercial carpet cleaning company that provides high quality services to commercial clients. AmeriDri has a high reputation in the industry and a huge database of satisfied clients due to our quality workmanship.

Every business or commercial establishment will at some point need the services of a professional commercial carpet cleaning service. When carpets get dirty, they need to be cleaned properly by trained professionals who can restore the carpet to its original quality and beauty.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Generally, a carpet gets dirty or soiled due to spilling drinks and food, regular walking on it with dirty shoes and of course other items that it gets exposed to, particularly in a commercial environment. In a commercial setting, manual carpet cleaning and drying is extremely tedious, time-consuming and unfeasible. Although most people can vacuum their carpets or use other cleaning techniques to try to keep their carpets in good condition, only well-trained carpet cleaning specialists can do a thorough cleaning that will ensure longevity of the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning services use professional-strength equipment and supplies. When you have your business or office carpets cleaned by trusted professionals, you have nothing to lose except carpet stains, odors, spots, and grime and dirt. The experts at AmeriDri use their state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment and technology to get the job done efficiently. Our team of highly qualified and experienced carpet cleaners are polite, prompt and provide efficient service. Call AmeriDri today to discuss your project or schedule a consultation.

Myth of the Vacuum

You would be hard pressed not to find this very noisy, electrical and most often-underused cleaning device in any home or business property.

What is it, you say? The vacuum cleaner. You know, that silent machine sitting in your closet that comes to life only when its pluged in you push the power button, and it buzzes all over the carpet as you chase it around the house.

The problem with the vacuum cleaner is we trust it way too much. I’m not saying you shouldn’t vacuum your carpet every few days or at least once a week in the main living areas. You might vacuum the bedrooms less frequently then the living room or hallway. We all know that proper vacuuming is important for prolonging the carpets life.

But some feel that just by vacuuming the carpet weekly you don’t need a professional carpet cleaning. That’s a myth and its not true at all. Professional carpet cleaning companies remove much more than a vacuum can ever remove. It has been reported that consumers feel that frequent vacuuming removes MOST of the dust and dirt from their carpeted floors and they can either skip or prolong their regular yearly carpet cleaning.

That’s simply not the case.

A good vacuum, no matter how powerful or advanced, removes only the dry soil from the carpet. Vacuums can’t remove the sticky, greasy soil that sticks to the carpet fibers. You need professional truck mount steam cleaning machine and the proper chemicals to remove those soils.

Compare this to washing your car with a dry rag… or brushing your hair and skipping the shower and shampoo… or — well, you get the point. You need quality professional deep cleaning, to get your carpet really cleaned.

Do yourself a favor. Keep that vacuum cleaner working, use it all the time, but also use your professional carpet cleaning pro. He knows what it takes to remove ALL that ground in dirt!

We are your carpet cleaning experts in Colorado Springs! 

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