Renter’s insurance – Does it cover flood damage?

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Renter’s Beware!

An all-liabilities renter’s insurance policy does not cover damage from a flood. Remember, a pipe bursting is not a flood! Technically, flooding is the result of water rising outside of the structure and then flows into the structure. If a home has water damage as a result of a pipe break, then it’s covered under a renter’s insurance policy.

Flood Insurance

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Must Have Homeowner’s Insurance Riders

Must Have Homeowners Insurance Riders As Told by a Mitigation Contractor

Homeowner’s Insurance Riders from AmeriDri

Hi, my name is Joe Crivello and I have been in the restoration business for nearly 25 years. I have worked with all the major insurance companies over the years and have seen every type of claim you could imagine. The sad part of my business is working with under insured homeowners. I know this report is a long read, but you will gain very valuable and much needed information. I hope this E-Book helps you in buying the right insurance riders. Based on what AmeriDri runs into most often regarding underinsured losses, directly below are what I believe to be the most needed riders.

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