Water Damage Checklist

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When damage occurs to a home owner or business owner, they may not realize the severity of the situation at hand. Damage from water intrusion can occur when a refrigerator or dishwasher leaks, a hot water heater breaks, a water line bursts or an outside source causes flooding. After you realize you have damage, your first thought would be to soak up the water and move all your damaged content items from the room. Wiping up the wet surface on carpet, tile, or wood is not a permanent fix. The moisture may have penetrated the surface, which will take professional drying techniques. AmeriDri will dispatch our certified advanced structural drying technicians to help you as a homeowner or business.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, mold growth can occur even if materials are dried within 48 hours, so time is of the essence.

Should a leak or indoor flood occur, water damage specialist recommends that homeowners do the following to minimize loss and prevent further damage:

WARNING: Before doing anything, make sure that there is no imminent danger from structural, electrical, or health problems. If you are unsure, don’t attempt to do anything until help arrives. If the damage involves floodwater or raw sewage, there are bio-hazardous conditions present and you should always wait for a professional before proceeding.

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Do You Need Toxic Mold Removal Services?

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How to hire a mold mitigation company

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Mold Testing Steps in Homes or Businesses

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What is mold air sampling and who should have it done in their home or business?


Mold Testing in Colorado Springs

Air sampling is exactly what it sounds like. We take samples of the particles floating in the air, and send them to our laboratory for experts to analyze. The main objective of air sampling is to identify what type, and how many fungal spores are present in the air at the time of testing. These results often help confirm or deny any suspected indoor mold growth issues. The major advantage of an air sample over a surface sample is that an air sample can help identify HIDDEN indoor mold growth. A swab or tape sample can really only be performed on visible and accessible substances.

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