Fire Damaged Contents Cleaning Colorado Springs

AmeriDri has been professionally cleaning fire damaged contents for nearly 25 years. You deserve to have your smoke damaged contents packed up and cleaned in a start of the art cleaning facility. AmeriDri uses only the best equipment available to clean your valuables.

Ultrasonic Cleaning-Crystal-and-Glassware

Ultrasonic Cleaning-Crystal-and-Glassware

Contents Cleaning Services

Possessions are stored in a climate-controlled warehouse storage facility

Detailed line items, computer-generated report listing your contents

Inventory/Contents is electronically recorded, photographed and tagged with bar codes

Soot cleaning of all salvageable contents

Detailed scope, estimate and schedule

Contents Cleaning (handling, storage, pack out, disposal/return)

Smoke damage deodorization and odor removal

Smoke damage cleaning – clean, deodorize, and restore salvageable structures/contents

Morantz ultrasonic cleaning system to clean your contents

Colorado Springs Fire and Smoke Contents Damage Experts

AmeriDri Restoration knows Fire and smoke damage is extremely destructive and scary to your home or business. AmeriDri understands the proper way to evaluate and inventory your furnishings and personal property to determine what can be cleaned and salvaged. AmeriDri Restoration can assist you with the insurance claims process. We can start the process of cleaning and sanitizing the fire and smoke damage to remove smoke odors from your contents/belongings.

AmeriDri can help you with all of your smoke damaged contents needs from cleaning, odor removal, packing and moving, inventory, furniture cleaning and electronics cleaning. AmeriDri will store all your belongings in a secure climate storage warehouse. AmeriDri uses a pack out system call iCat contents restoration software that provides a complete contents tracking program to record all your belongings. You can relax and know that AmeriDri Restoration is your number one choice to save your treasured belongings.

When a fire and smoke damage strikes your home or business, AmeriDri can handle the daunting task of restoring your home or business. Call today for a fast response 24/7/365 days a year for your free consultation.

Fire and smoke damage is almost always the most devastating disaster a person will ever have to deal with regarding an insurance claim. When a property has a fire the end result can include not only the area of the fire but the smoke that can fill the interior of your property will not only damage the structure but it will also damage the personal belongings in that property. On top of the fire and smoke damage you will also have water damage from the fire department putting out the fire, along with other destructive measures taken to save your home or business. Please make sure you have plenty of photos of your property, so if this does ever happen to you, you will be prepared to show your insurance company before pictures of anything you believe is worth more than an average home would have. Think of it this way, you may have built an above average game room in your basement, with an extraordinary bar which is worth XXX amount of dollars. Without proof, you may not get to rebuild that area or areas to before loss condition unless you pay out of pocket. The very best advice I can give you is to get your home appraised after doing any major upgrades and give that new appraised value to your insurance company. For further reading, please visit our Fire and Smoke Damage Colorado Springs web page or check out this blog post

Smoke Damaged Contents Cleaning

Smoke Damaged Contents Cleaning

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Contents Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Morantz Mighty One Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Morantz Mighty One Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine




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