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Having your furniture cleaned once a year is a must for families who have children or adults that play, eat, fart, sleep and drool all over their upholstered furniture. I think that very true sentence is reason enough to have your upholster cleaned as often as you see fit. Get your upholstery cleaning coupon at the bottom of this page.

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Why You Need Your Furniture Cleaned Yearly

Furniture cleaning is a must if you use your furniture to lie around on and eat snacks or meals like most people. Imagine all the stuff that gets on your furniture from daily use. If you are like most of us you probably have slept on your couch when you had the cold or flu. Keeping your furniture cleaned and sanitized is just plain smart. Getting your furniture cleaned and protected on a yearly basis will prolong the life of your furnishings along with the removal of everything we tend to drop and do on our furniture. AmeriDri uses the truck mount steam extraction cleaning system to get all that gunk out.

Furniture can become dirty throughout the year

There are many causes for this to happen. However, there are some things that can cause furniture to become dirtier than others; for example, pets are a sure way for furniture to become embedded with dirt, and hair. Although, accidents with food, or other spills can also cause stains to happen as well. While homeowners may think they’re capable of cleaning the spills or stains themselves, they will not be able to clean the furniture as well as they would of liked to; the reason for this is because consumer furniture cleaning products are not as effective as commercial cleaning products and methods.

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AmeriDri is more than capable of performing a thorough and professional cleaning process

When arriving at the customer’s residence, our associates will start with analyzing the extent of the dirt, stains, or spills that are on the furniture. Afterwards, we will use a method of steam cleaning which is similar in nature to carpet cleaning. This deep-steam extraction cleaning will allow our trained associates to gently, but thoroughly remove set-in stains, spills, or dirt which is within the fabric of the furniture upholstery.

AmeriDri has 25 years experience cleaning fine furnishings

The major difference with furniture cleaning methods is that our representatives will use specially-formulated cleaning agents to ensure that the fabric is cleaned completely, without discoloring or ruining the furniture fabrics. Although, in terms of leather furniture, we will utilize specific leather cleaning agents which are designed to clean the leather without removing moisture or softness. Once done, furniture fabric or leather will look new, be left with a pleasant scent, and will also be completely safe for adults, children, or pets to be in contact with after the furniture has completely dried. For those residents in Colorado, whenever the need for furniture cleaning arises, please consult with your experienced furniture cleaning Colorado Springs Service Company AmeriDri.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Over time your business furniture may begin to look worn down and unattractive as a result of use or stains. Stains and worn looks will happen to all upholstery over time. This can weight negatively on your company when customers come by to visit your office space and can also weight on the enthusiasm of your employees.

Commercial upholstery cleaning

Commercial upholstery cleaning

You can get your business furniture looking like new by using a business furniture upholstery cleaning service. Even deep stains can be eliminated by professional cleaning services. A professional business furniture upholstery cleaning service has access to equipment that can remove deeply embedded stains and can have your upholstery looking new.

Further, by using a professional upholstery cleaning firm you can take comfort in the training and experience that their staff has in servicing a wide variety of upholstery that may be composed of a wide range of different fabrics including leather, cloth, and others.

AmeriDri has a solid reputation and can provide many testimonials from happy customers who were pleased with the quality of work provided. Many customers cite the reliability of the service, the professionalism of the staff, and the high level of quality and care that they display when working on your businesses upholstery.

Using a professional business upholstery cleaner provides you with upholstery that has a longer life and which is more attractive in your office. Further it may increase the length of time before you have to replace your business furniture which can save you money. Contact AmeriDri and get your business furniture cleaned.

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