Get Your Dog Professionally Trained Before He or She Starts Urinating on The Carpet

I think that you will agree that urine in carpet smells awful

Professional Carpet, Upholstery and Restoration Specialist Stresses the Importance of having your pet properly trained if you want to avoid urine and poop odor in your Colorado Springs, Colorado homes carpet and furnishings!

Pet ownership gives us great companionship, can help children learn / develop responsibilities, can relieve stress and / or because the of it. A pet that is not properly, what most call “potty” trained, can lead to a lot of stress, frustration and can be very costly to repair and or replace carpet, carpet pad, furniture, etc.

Is it possible to quickly end urine deposits in your carpet, due to pet accidents? YES

Potty Training Puppy

Potty Training Puppy

Having your Dog Trained by a professional dog trainer who is experienced in indoor potty training, is a critical initial step towards years of a fun, enjoyable experience with your furry friend. Adoption can also be an issue where a dog has developed bad habits along the way, another great reason for training even an adopted / rescued dog to curve any issues that you are currently experiencing.

The damage I typically see on a weekly basis varies from simple spotting mistakes to complete neglect. We live in a very fast paced environment and we tend to look for quick fixes. Whether it’s a small or large dog, going untrained can cause extensive damage to the indoor environment of a home. From Fifty thousand dollar homes to a million-dollar mansion, I have seen carpets, upholstery, drapes, and all sorts of furniture damaged if not ruined by pets repeatedly going to the bathroom throughout a home. When deciding to bring a new dog into your home, condo or apartment I highly recommend having your dog trained by a local dog trainer.

Don’t be fooled by over the counter pet odor elimination chemicals

Pet Odor Removal is not, buying a gallon of vinegar, an aerosol deodorizing (masking agent) or using a bunch of essential oils heated on the stove, all are masking the problem, not removing. Source removal is key to eliminating pet urine. For a smaller dog who has an accident on your family room carpeting – a grocery store pet product may work for a one-time incident. The problem is we are typically called to a homeowner’s front door due to pet urine that was neglected to be treated for months which makes removal a much more difficult scenario.

Your best friend Fido, tried his best, but just couldn’t hold it any longer

dog peeing on carpet

dog peeing on carpet

The old saying that an ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure, is very true in this scenario. Maybe you left your dog home unattended just a little too long, you get stuck in traffic, you were delayed in a meeting, had to run an errand after work. Fido tried his best but you still ended up with a pet mishap on the carpet. Unfortunately, in most cases this pet accident is not discovered until days later, allowing the stain to dry, oxidize and become more difficult to remove. If treated sooner rather than later, you are less likely to experience color loss or a yellow stain that you can’t seem to remove. Basic spotting procedures of a neutral pH spotter and an absorbent towel is the best way to begin treating your pet urine spot. I also recommend having an enzyme based product to have on hand as well to treat potential odors that may be lingering. The enzyme based product will control if not eliminate the odor causing bacteria. Some enzyme products now have encapsulated technology which wraps around the odor causing molecule keeping moisture and oxygen from feeding the bacteria and odor off gassing.

Are you frustrated with your dog using the carpet for their private bathroom?

Puppy Urinated On Carpet

Puppy Urinated On Carpet

Many times, unfortunately, pet spotting techniques often are rushed, using the incorrect products which can cause permanent color loss, extreme residue build up and you are left with damaged carpet or furniture fibers and a room that may still smell of pet urine. The average cost of replacing a room of carpet is around two dollars per square foot, which equals to around $900. Having your Dog professionally trained can literally save you frustration, damage to your carpets and from possibly having to replace a room or rooms of carpet.

Failing to have a Dog properly trained, can lead to repetitive urinating on the carpeting. Dogs tend to sniff out where they have gone before and continue to mark in the general location. Repeat deposits of urine in carpeting can be detrimental. You have a Multi-layer problem in situations such as this, as gravity takes urine thru the sub-layers of the carpeting, down into the padding and in severe situations the sub-floor, wall trim and potentially even wicking up into the lower portion of the wall (drywall) of a room.

Are you aware that there are 4 carpet contamination levels of pet urine?



  1. Simple / Minimal Deposits (Top layer of carpet), 2. Moderate Urine Deposits (Top layer & backing of carpet), 3. Heavy Urine Contamination (Top layer, backing of carpet & carpet pad) and 4. Extreme Urine Contamination (Top layer of carpet, backing of carpet, carpet pad & subfloor) are the categories that typically describe pet urine situations in a home.

In many cases so much damage could have been avoided just by having a pet properly professionally trained to curb behavioral issues at a young age. Cleaning and treating Pet Urine lodged into the backing of carpet, padding and sub-floor typically is no easy fix.

Why should you use a pet urine odor removal specialist?

Because they have the right tools for the job

For a Simple once or twice pet accident on carpeting, a light spotting with an appropriate pet spotting product may be all that is needed to clean the affected area. Moderate to Heavy Urine Deposits on carpet, may require disengaging of the carpet to see the actual extent of the pet urine damage. With the aid of high intensity U.V. Lights, Hydro Sensors, or infrared cameras which detect moisture can be used to locate and identify areas where you possibly didn’t even know there was a urine deposit. Options to remove a portion of the pad and replace with a clean piece of padding after doing a thorough Water Claw extraction process with an odor stain removing product or encapsulant odor modifier are recommended. We have had great luck using Chlorine Dioxide for removing pet urine smell.

Padding can hold and trap quite a bit of urine. Sometimes the water claw treatment (subsurface extraction) will do a great job at eliminating or controlling pet urine odor. And then there are the situations that are Extreme where disengaging of the carpet is recommended to evaluate how much damage is hiding on the backing of the carpet and down into the padding. Sometimes replacement of the padding, sealing the floor and then flooding the carpet with the subsurface extraction method can remove urine and odor, it really depends on how long the urine has sat and how large of an area that is affected – Sometimes complete replacement is recommended all together.

Urine can cause the backing to de-laminate and literally start to fall apart; tack stripping can rot and rust which bleeds up into the carpeting. Upholstery is often another item to keep in mind that can easily be damaged by dog urine. Natural fibers are susceptible to permanent damage if your dog lifts it’s leg on the corner of a Sofa.

This is what pet urine looks like on a carpet using a professional ULV light

Dog Urine On Carpet

Urine On Carpet

Using ULV Light to Detect Pet Urine

Using ULV Light to Detect Pet Urine

If you’re going to hire a dog trainer, hire one inflicted with ESDDT

(Eat-Sleep-Dream-Dog Training)

Dog trainer training a dog

Dog trainer training a dog

Professional Dog Trainers have years of experience and can recommend simple steps to train your dog proper potty etiquette. Trainers can offer advice when and if behavioral issues arise to where the dog has started to urinate on your carpet when you thought you had the problem solved. I went over just a few scenarios of situations where a dog that went untrained can cause damage that could have been avoided. And having your dog professionally trained after reading this you may find that the cost is much, much more affordable than losing the investment in your carpet, your favorite piece of furniture or your piece of mind!

Having Your Dog professionally trained will be one of the best experiences you will undertake knowing that your home will stay cleaner, you won’t have to replace furniture or expensive carpet. On a weekly basis, I see homes with pets that have behavior issues and the carpet shows it! It’s not a healthy environment for a family or young children to crawl around on the floor. It’s embarrassing when company comes over and usually the in-laws frown upon a dirty carpet with pet stains.

Let me introduce you to the best dog trainer in Colorado Springs, Colorado

I have personally been friends with Chris Dunlap of Pinnacle-k9training in the Colorado Springs area for over seventeen years. When I first moved to El Paso County, over 17 years ago, I needed to hire a manager and a friend in a networking group I belonged to recommended I meet with Chris Dunlap. At the time, I didn’t have an office so I met with Chris in a Walmart parking lot.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. Chris shows up with this big dog in the back of his truck in a dog kennel. I thought to myself, who shows up to an interview with a dog. I remember telling Chris these exact words (Cool dog, do you bring it everywhere with you?) Chris told me he was potty training his dog and it needed to be with him that day.

Well the interview went so well, I overlooked him bringing his dog to the interview.

I have watched Chris Dunlap train hundreds of dogs for nearly two decades during his off time from his day job working with AmeriDri. I was so excited when Chris told me he was going to start training dogs full time.

Does your dog trainer have ESDDT?

I have never seen anyone more passionate and experienced then Chris at training dogs. This guy eats, sleeps and dreams about dog training (ESDDT). I can say this with complete confidence, I’ve known this guy for over 17 years and no one even comes close to Chris’s love of dog training.

If you have a long-time pet or before considering bringing a new dog home, reach out to Chris Dunlap of pinnacle-k9training for recommendations and steps to start the training process! I Guarantee that having your dog professionally trained, will not only save you time, money and frustration. But it will give you a quality relationship with your pet that will last for years to come!

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