Here is the reason you want to shut off your water while away from your home!

 You Won’t Believe the Water Damage that occurred to this home from one single pipe break.

Please remember to turn off your water because here’s what could happen while you are on vacation or deployed. Watch at the end of the video to see how much water damage a single pipe caused while running for a week. AmeriDri was called out to this job from the homeowner. This was a very large water damage claim in Colorado Springs. This large claim almost wasn’t covered, but luckily because of AmeriDri’s experience with insurance companies were able to get it covered.

As you will see from the following pictures this home sustained damage throughout the home, garage and crawlspace. This job was over one hundred thousand dollars for the mitigation and the rebuild of the property. AmeriDri completed the entire mitigation and rebuild within 60 days.





Garage Demo 7


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