How much does attic mold removal cost?

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My bid was $1,900.00 and the other companies bid was close to $22,000.00

Attic Mold Removal Cost from AmeriDri

The Cost of Mold Damage Mitigation

Many people use the word mildew in place of the word mold when they smell that musty smell associated with mold growth. It can easily be located on or in the drywall walls, in your attic or in the crawlspace and any of the hot areas in your home or another word we could use is wet areas, like under the kitchen sink or the bathroom sinks. Another area where AmeriDri finds mold growth during an investigation is in the utility room where the hot water heater is located, and it resembles flat black or other color spots. If you find a few small spots, you might clean it yourself with mold cleaners that can easily be found in local superstores and supermarkets, and will only take minutes to clean up. If the area is larger than your two hands together, then you should get the suspect area or areas inspected by a professional certified mold inspector. Always do your due diligence and out any company you might hire. The pricing differences between companies that perform inspections and removal of fungus can vary greatly. One extreme example I have is a few years back I was bidding a job for mold mitigation in an attic, and my bid was something like $1,900.00 and the other companies bid was close to $22,000.00…. Yes, you read that correctly (Twenty-Two Thousand!!) What the heck is going on. When we speak with our clients on the phone we can tell that they are very anxious to rid their property of mold. Most of my calls are from people who have talked with several other mold mitigation companies, and by the time I talk with them they are very confused about how mold removal is priced. Just the word MOLD puts FEAR into peoples minds because they feel that their bank account is about to be drained of their hard earned money. Alway check with the BBB to see if the company you decide to hire has a good record, along with years of experience.

Attic Mold Growth

Is the mold bidding process regulated like water, sewage or fire damage?

In one word… NO! If you watched my video and/or read my blog on how much does water damage cost, you would have seen that professional mitigation companies use the software, Xactimate® to bid their jobs, which is an insurance industry standard job costing platform for legitimate mitigation companies, so we have the same per foot, per each, etc. dollar amount that the majority of insurance companies use (apples to apples price). Getting a price for mold removal and mold testing are much different when it comes to calculating a bid for the client. There is no standard pricing system for mold inspections or mold mitigation (removal) services. Over the past 25 years that AmeriDri has been in business, we have seen many mold removal companies come and go. The mold inspection and removal industry is huge and so is the difference in pricing from company to company. Mold pricing is NOT regulated like water; sewage or fire damage is by using job costing software like Xactimate®. I have seen where some companies use scare tactics to get more money out of the client, and believe me it does work. We get calls daily, where the client is scared to death that they are getting sick from the mold in their home and are willing to pay any price to rid their home from mold.  You can bet that there are people in this industry that will use yourfear to make huge profits from you while laughing all the way to the bank! Always check with your local BBB for number of years in business, do they have any complaints and make sure they have the proper certifications before you decide to hire any company. AmeriDri is certified by the ACAC (American Council for Accredited Certification) you can reach them here:  This is the only certification related too mold, that requires re-certification every two years. Well I wont go into detail where other online certification testing companies allow anyone to test for their mold inspection or mold removal certification and be an EXPERT within about 6 hours. Sounds crazy right? My certifications required a minimum of two years’ field experience before being allowed in the class and then I had to pass the most rigorous test I have ever taken and to top it off, I need 40 credit hours from industry standard classes every two years to keep my certifications. Sounds a bit more professional then 6 hours and I’m an expert until the end of time.

Attic Sealed After Mold Mitigation


Reminder Mold is Dangerous get Inspection

Stay tuned for my next blog. I will be showing you how we bid mold removal in your home. Also check out our mold testing page


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