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AmeriDri has been involved in mold removal in homes and businesses for nearly 25 years. Go to our BBB page and you will see AmeriDri has held an A+ for over 13 years as of June 2016. Listen to what Ben Day a well known real estate agent has to say about our mold mitigation and mold testing work.

Mold Remediation Service

Our company has been performing mold mitigation services for nearly 25 years. AmeriDri understands the hazards of toxic black mold and that the mold needs to be removed only after a containment system has been installed. We only use environmentally friendly chemicals when we work in your home. We are asked on a daily basis if black mold is the only mold that can make you sick. Any mold in abundance can effect a person who has an allergy to mold. Thirteen years ago, Kathy Crivello, the owners wife was diagnosed with toxic mold poisoning. At the time the Crivello’s lived in Northern New Mexico. Kathy still can’t be around any type of mold or strong chemicals. You can get the whole story by talking with the owner of AmeriDri or his wife Kathy. This is one of the main reasons AmeriDri uses environmentally friendly chemicals for all their mold removal jobs in Colorado Springs.


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Free Mold Inspections for Colorado Springs homeowners, businesses & Agents

AmeriDri has been performing free mold inspections for Colorado Springs residents and business owners for over 13 years. AmeriDri has carried an A+ with the Southern Colorado BBB for nearly 13 years. We have preformed thousands of inspections over the years and can provide countless references. If we find mold in your home or business during our inspection, we believe in giving free estimates for all our local El Paso County, Teller County, and Douglas County home and business owners.

No one wants mold in their home or business. Aside from it’s disgusting appearance and potential for structure damage, there are some health hazards that it brings along with it. Mold is not an issue that you want to deal with yourself. A professional should be hired to rid you of your mold problem.

Removing mold reduces your risk of catching one of many health ailments. Mold primarily affects your respiratory system. Those that already have breathing difficulties like asthma, are the most at risk. It can also lead to skin and sinus infections, allergic reactions, and even pneumonia.

How does AmeriDri bill for your Mold damage project?

AmeriDri eliminates all uncertainty, we provide Xactimate® pricing, which most insurance carrier’s in the nation use and is industry approved and preferred for seamlessly resolving claims. AmeriDri’s promise to you is a simple and accurate bill every single time, detailing exactly what we do room by room, level by level. You will never be left guessing what work has been done by AmeriDri.

AmeriDri uses this proven system to thoroughly gather loss information, diagram the scope of the job, identify related project costs, verify the accuracy of our cost estimate and bill by the job, not by the hour.

Xactimate® bases pricing on footage, square footage, linear yardage and other measurements. We also charge by the day, not the hour, for rental equipment like fans and dehumidifiers.

You as the customer and business owner can rest assured that we’ll use this powerful tool, along with our experience and expertise, to scrutinize every detail of your project and give you accurate cost information.



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