Mold Testing Steps in Homes or Businesses

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What is mold air sampling and who should have it done in their home or business?


Mold Testing in Colorado Springs

Air sampling is exactly what it sounds like. We take samples of the particles floating in the air, and send them to our laboratory for experts to analyze. The main objective of air sampling is to identify what type, and how many fungal spores are present in the air at the time of testing. These results often help confirm or deny any suspected indoor mold growth issues. The major advantage of an air sample over a surface sample is that an air sample can help identify HIDDEN indoor mold growth. A swab or tape sample can really only be performed on visible and accessible substances.

There are two main types of air samples

Culturable fungi and non-culturable fungi (or “spore trap”). SEE THIS WEBSITE on the culturability of indoor and outdoor airborne fungi (Mold) If at all possible, both should be used during a mold investigation. When on a budget, I usually recommend spore trap samples over culturable air samples. Spore Trap samples identify and quantify the amount of spores present, but the advantage of a culturable air samples are that they also asses the viability of fungi. This can be important in situations where severely immunocompromised people are living in the home. See this site OR this site

Below is a picture of the air testing cassette we use at AmeriDri


Having an air sample taken before you buy a home can potentially save you a lot of money in mold remediation costs, when the issue is discovered BEFORE you make your big purchase. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve inspected a newly purchased home, only to find mold underneath the bathroom flooring, behind the drywall in a shower, or in an attic or crawlspace.

How is the mold air sampling process performed?

AmeriDri offers a few different testing services, but our basic air sample service includes three collected samples. One of these samples must be taken outdoors, so we can establish a standard to compare the indoor samples to. For example, Colorado typically has fair amount of basidiospores (a reproductive spore produced by Basidiomycete fungi) in the fresh air, so if we test your home or business and find a small amount of basidiospores, we might consider it perfectly normal. However, if the testing detects a fungus in high levels that wasn’t present outdoors, we may have a good indication of indoor mold growth and/or water intrusion.

The other two samples can be taken anywhere that you suspect mold is growing is present in your home or business. This could be in a basement, inside your heating ducts, in the attic, in the crawlspace or we can even cut a hole into drywall and insert a testing cassette to really isolate the location a hidden mold growth. Our inspectors are trained in current investigation and sampling methods and can assist you in deciding on the best sampling methods to use for your specific needs.

Below is a picture of mold being tested in a home


Below is a picture of the Mold Tape Sample Kit we use


What sort of documentation is provided with your air testing services?

At AmeriDri, we take multiple photographs and document the exact time, location and cassette ID number of every sample collected in your home. When we receive the results from our lab, we send you a report that includes all of the data and photos we took during the sampling process. Below is an example of a test report, taken during a recent mold investigation. There was no foul odor or musty smell in the house, but the owner had been having some health issues and suspected that mold, possibly caused by a previous flood, was being distributed into her home via the HVAC system. It turns out that she was on to something, and below is a small portion of her testing report. Even though we didn’t suspect mold in the kitchen area, we still collected a sample near the heating vent. After we analyzed the results, we decided there was enough evidence to support the theory that mold spores were being blown into her home through the ducting system.

Below is a picture of the Mold Swab Sample Kit we use


How long does sampling take and when will I receive my results?

The whole sampling process usually takes about a half an hour to complete. Special circumstances or bulk sampling can extend this time. When possible, we use overnight shipping to get your samples to the lab as quickly as possible. We typically receive your results in 2-3 business days. Holiday and Weekend Rush results are available, but at an additional cost. We also offer Next Day Rush results, so don’t hesitate to request these options if you’re nearing on a closing date or deadline. Visit our mold testing Colorado Springs, CO web page for more information at


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