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You would think mold testing in Colorado Springs would be an extremely slow business. Colorado is a low humidity climate, how can mold grow in this state, is a question I get asked all the time. Did you know, along the front range we get more hail than almost any city in the United States. When hail damages your roof, it may also let moisture into your attic. Most homeowners and business owners will have their roof shingles replaced by their insurance company, but no one hardly ever checks the attic for mold damage, until they sale their property. At least 50 percent of the calls we get for mold testing come from the home inspector when a property goes up for sale and the inspector finds mold in the attic.  So it only takes water (from hail) and a food source (all the wood that an attic is made of) for mold to grow. You can take this same scenario for your crawl space but instead of hail its rain water that floods the crawl space causing mold growth. Its always much better to have your  property tested before you sale.  

Mold Air Testing in Progress

Mold Air Testing in Progress

How we test for mold in your home or business?

Mold lingering in an environment can be extremely dangerous, so if you want to test your residence or business for the presence of it, AmeriDri should be your number one choice. AmeriDri does two types of mold testing. 1. We perform an air test that is sent to an accredited lab in Colorado called EMLab P&K. 2. We perform a tape sample of the suspected area or areas to determine the exact species of the mold. AmeriDri has been performing

Our company’s mold testing process is thorough and accurate. When you need mold assessment service that’s prompt, timely yet at the same time extremely exhaustive, AmeriDri can give you exactly what you need. We take pride in our efficient approach to mold evaluations.

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Only hire experienced and certified mold inspectors

Our technicians all have extensive experience in mold testing. You can trust them to assess your indoor air quality efficiently and properly. They’re committed to doing a good job and making sure they assess every single inch of your structure for any potential hints of mold. They’re also adept in mold prevention maintenance.

The correct mold testing equipment is essential for proper lab results

The mold inspection equipment and tools our technicians use are all extremely safe. When our techs show up to test your property, you can enjoy full peace of mind. We pinpoint signs of hazards in your structure — we don’t bring them to you. Customer safety is something we value greatly. For more information regarding mold testing, visit this blog post: mold-testing-steps-in-homes-or-businesses for more information.

Mold Air Testing Equipment

Mold Air Testing Equipment

Surface Mold Tape Sample Procedure

Surface Mold Tape Sample Procedure


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