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You have finally made it to our odor removal Colorado Springs page. Your search is over. You have stumbled upon the only company in Colorado that can offer YOU a 100% guarantee that any & all odors can be removed. This is no joke, check out our all odors gone website for more in depth information on our system. We have been in business for nearly 25 years. We have maintained an A+ with the BBB for nearly 14 years. AmeriDri has never even come close to what I’m about to share with you, regarding COMPLETE odor elimination.

100% Odor Elimination Guarantee, Or It’s Free

Like I said in the all odors removed paragraph above, we have been in business for nearly 25 years. About 10 years ago we stopped guaranteeing 100 percent odor removal, until the middle of June 2016. Look we have tried every stinking odor removal process  under the sun. We came close a few times, but we were never able to get to our goal of 100 percent removed. We now have a product that after 24 hours leaves no lingering smell and is completely safe, that now allows us to offer you a 100% odor elimination guarantee or you don’t pay! And I mean any odor imaginable, GONE FOREVER.

Home Odor Detection

Odor detection is the first step in complete odor elimination. We need to know the source of the odor so we know how to approach the elimination of the odor.

Odor Removal Car


Smoke Odor Removal

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal


Urine Odor Removal

If you only have a few dog or cat accidents on your carpeting, light cleaning with a pet spotting chemical may be all that is needed to remove the urine from the damaged area. Moderate to Heavy Urine Deposits on carpet, may require disengaging of the carpet to see the actual extent of the pet urine damage. With the aid of high intensity black light, Moisture Sensors, or Infrared Cameras which detect moisture in carpet or furniture can be used to identify areas where you most likely didn’t know there was dog or cat urine damage. It may be necessary to remove part of the carpet padding and replace with a new piece of padding. We have had success using Chlorine Dioxide to eliminate urine smell from pet damage.

Sometimes we will use our water claw to extract urine from the carpet and carpet pad. We will first pour clear water on the urine damaged carpet several times and extract until there is no yellow from the urine left. After the clear water rinse, we will use a product that will remove any remaining urine smell.

For more information on pet urine odor elimination check out our pet urine blog post.


marijuana odor removal


skunk odor removal

My dog (and in turn I) were sprayed by a skunk in the back yard and the only option for retreat was into my house. I found Josh and AmeriDri searching on the internet for smell restoration and I’m so glad I did. Josh reached out to me within 5 minutes of my call and met me that day to give me an estimate. They started the cleaning 2 hours later and 36 hours after my “skunking” my house was skunk smell free – it has now been 5 days and there is no sign of skunk smell (except for the dog!) and the chlorine smell is gone as well. Thanks Josh and AmeriDri – I have referred you to the Critter Control team and so hopefully others find you quickly in their time of need!

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