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Here in El Paso County we all are very familiar with smoke and fire damage, due to the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires we all endured in 2012 and 2013. AmeriDri was a big part of the cleanup process for over three years. It was a very hard time for many residents whose lives were turned upside down for months upon months, some over a year. AmeriDri gained over 25 years experience in fire and smoke cleanup due to the number of claims we were involved in non stop for over three years. The experience we gained working with the insurance companies could not have been learned in a life time in this industry. You have come to the right place if you need fire damage help.

Smoke and Fire Damage Testimonial From Mr. & Mrs. Hendershot 

Smoke and Fire Damage Testimony From Mr. & Mrs. Calkins


Do You Have Fire or Smoke Damage in Your Home or Business?

Homeowners who have experienced a home fire must contend not only with the fire, smoke and soot damage that an outbreak of fire causes but also from water damage that is a residual effect of the firefighting action. The most important call you can make immediately following a fire is to our professional fire and smoke restoration service because our quick response can help to prevent even more loss and damage to your property.

House Fire

House Fire

Our professional fire and smoke damage Colorado Springs, CO service is available to take your emergency call seven days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Within a few hours our restoration experts can arrive at your location to promptly assess the damage, provide emergency board-up to prevent unauthorized entry to your property, evaluate and inventory furnishings and personal property to determine what can be cleaned and salvaged, and have one of our former insurance adjusters with a minimum of 15 years experience assist with the required insurance claims and start the process of cleaning and sanitizing the fire and water damaged areas to remove smoke odors


When you use our professional fire and smoke damage restoration service, your home will get back to normal as quickly as possible. AmeriDri restoration is your fire and smoke damage restoration service company in Colorado Springs, CO. We can make it possible for many of your possessions to be cleaned and saved rather than discarded. This is invaluable for many homeowners who have sentimental possessions which cannot be replaced no matter how good their insurance coverage may be. Our service also assists you in expediting your insurance claims so that your recovery from the fire is that much faster. AmeriDri has worked with insurance companies for nearly 25 years.


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