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Storm damage restoration in Colorado Springs comes in many forms. It could be a major hail storm the damages your roof, paint and deck. It could be high wind damage to your property. It could be a flood from heavy rains. It can be a tornado that causes severe damage to your home or business. Whatever the cause of the storm damage, you should always be prepared with enough food and water to sustain you and your family for at least two weeks.

Storm damage to home

Storm damage to home

Storm damage to car

Storm damage to car

AmeriDri Colorado Springs Storm Damage Experts

AmeriDri has been performing storm damage restoration in Colorado Springs, CO. for over 13 years. When damage occurs a home owner may not realize the severity of the situation at hand. Severe storms in Colorado as you know can come with little warning and blizzards, thunder storms, hail, and high winds are the main causes of devasting property damage to your home or business. All these severe acts of God can strike Colorado with a vengeance at anytime! Storm damage may have penetrated multiple building materials and surfaces, which will take professional drying techniques.

Storm damage is completely different then a pipe burst, water heater break, or a toilet supply line break, a washing machine hose burst, etc. Damage to your home or business from a storm could be hail damage to your roof and exterior of your property. A storm could also be from a hard rain that floods your basement through a window well or comes up through your foundation due to the ground being saturated. It could come from high winds that break a tree and it lands on your home. You get the idea. Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage for these types of disasters. You may be covered by your homeowners insurance for hail damage or a tree falling on your home from high winds, but water damage from hard rains that come into your property through or over the ground most likely will not be covered unless you have actual flood damage insurance. Check out this website:

Hurricane Sandy desrtruction

How does AmeriDri bill for your storm damage project?

AmeriDri eliminates all uncertainty, we provide Xactimate® pricing, which most insurance carrier’s in the nation use and is industry approved and preferred for seamlessly resolving claims. AmeriDri’s promise to you is a simple and accurate bill every single time, detailing exactly what we do room by room, level by level. You will never be left guessing what work has been done by AmeriDri.

AmeriDri uses this proven system to thoroughly gather loss information, diagram the scope of the job, identify related project costs, verify the accuracy of our cost estimate and bill by the job, not by the hour.

Xactimate® bases pricing on footage, square footage, linear yardage and other measurements. We also charge by the day, not the hour, for rental equipment like fans and dehumidifiers.

You as the customer and business owner can rest assured that we’ll use this powerful tool, along with our experience and expertise, to scrutinize every detail of your project and give you accurate cost information.

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