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Below are several past client testimonials for your research when hiring a service company.

Customer Testimonials

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Joy Anderson


Ameridri is the most responsive, reliable, patient and compassionate company I have ever had the pleasure of hiring.  We bought a resale house and pulled out the soiled carpet upstairs the 1st week we lived there to find what looked like black mold on the wall/floor that adjoins the master bath/bedroom.  My realtor referred me to call Ameridri as he had worked with them in the past and they did a very thorough job.  I called Ameridri immediately and they knew how concerned and frightened I was about the possibility it was black mold.  The owner himself called me back to go through all my questions and scheduled his most experienced staff to come out to my house to remediate on a FRIDAY NIGHT AFTER HOURS!  I was so impressed!  The team handled everything professionally, gave me a reasonable quote for the remediation and also did a tape and air test to measure the toxicity levels and mold spore count.

Days after, I called them numerous times with additional questions and they patiently answered all of them.  They didn’t hesitate to come out again to recheck other areas I had concerns about and didn’t charge for the additional visit.

In addition, once we received a clean air test result following remediation, I hired them again to clean out all the ducts and furnace to make sure everything was disinfected.  Again, a very reasonable price for this very important service that I will continue to have them do this yearly.

I have referred Ameridri to friends and family with mold concerns as I feel they will take special care as they did with me.  The personal service, detailed explanation of the processes and prompt follow up makes me an Ameridri customer for life!  I am truly thankful for all the team members that held my hand through this entire process!

Joy Andersen- Parker, CO
Greg Tomlinson

As a licensed Realtor with close to two decades in the business, you might say I know what to look for in the companies that I refer to my clients. AmeriDri meets or exceeds every expectation I have when it comes to delivering an exceptional level of service.

First of all, mold, water and flooding are some of the most stressful and challenging issues that any homeowner can encounter. Joe and company blend total expertise with a human touch in exactly these situations. It is a Godsend to have a partner like AmeriDri. I know that anyone I refer to Joe will receive the exact same high level of service I strive to deliver in my business.

We all hear scary stories about mold. Are they urban legends or true? As a result, mold is one of the major concerns any homeowner can encounter. Is my property going to be stigmatized, or even worse? Will we be able to stay here? AmeriDri is able to speak to these fears with authority: Their experience, education and internal training programs enable them to thoroughly and compassionately evaluate the problem, its scale, and its solution. While mold problems can be devastating, most of the time, remediation and repair are simpler than our worst fears would dictate.

Investor clients often consider properties that have suffered water damage. However, even experienced contractors sometimes lack the knowledge and confidence to actually purchase a property that has endured a casualty. Just what is going to be involved in making a property safe for families, and still be profitably resold? Joe has the knowledge to remove the haze from that sort of budget assessment. Often, others may have ruled out an otherwise desirable investment opportunity simply because they did not have a resource like AmeriDri. Lastly, AmeriDry works with sellers as well as buyers in the evaluation of personal properties they are listing or purchasing.

Time is of the essence. For all of us, when we have encountered a water intrusion in our home, we can think about little else until we consult with a trusted expert. AmeriDri responds very quickly to calls and is able to have a crew out amazingly fast.

Greg Tomlinson-Colorado Springs, CO

Patrice Jacobs

We recently needed mold remediation and I called AmeriDri. They had previously attended to a flood in our home and I knew they were a competent, reliable company. They were here quickly and did an excellent job in attending to our issue. Everyone from Alex to Aaron and Dylan to Jacob and Justin were superb. They were professional, caring and attentive to our needs and questions. If you need service, call AmeriDri. You will not be disappointed!

Patrice Jacobs-Colorado Springs, CO

Ann Wildman

AmeriDri your the best in Colorado Springs!!! I called several companies and they did not pick up the phone. I begin to get frustrated becuase water was everywhere in my garage due to frozen pipes and getting all my belongings wet! AmeriDri was fast to respond to my call and AmeriDri arrived at my house really fast! The first impression when AmeriDri showed up at my door was that the four employees looked very professional. Josh Sorensen was the head person that was talking to me and walking me through the whole process on how long the insurance claim would take to equipment running and repairs in my garage. My stress and nerve levels went down immediately. I was happy that AmeriDri was in my home doing the work and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Josh said he would take care of everything for me and keep me informed on the process. When the drying was complete I was so happy with the process and they saved my belongings in my garage! I would definitely hire and recommend AmeriDri to all my friends.

Ann Wildman-Colorado Springs, CO

Laura Voss

I went to the BBB of southern Colorado and found that AmeriDri had an A+ rating, so my husband and I decided to use them for our fire damage clean up. I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of the employees. Josh Sorensen was the project manager that worked with us, and he basically held my hand through the whole process. AmeriDri dealt with the insurance company and adjuster directly, and I did not even have to lift a finger trying to call everyone involved. AmeriDri’s initial quote was accepted by our insurance company, which lifted the weight off my shoulders considering the high dollar amount of this claim.
On the first day, AmeriDri packed out all of my furniture and belongings and every box they packed was photographed and bar coded. I was able to go online and look at ALL of my belongings through their software. After they had the house packed out, they cleaned the entire house and rid my property of all noticeable odors within a week. When they brought all of contents back, after painting and flooring was completed, everything was spotless and didn’t smell at all.
I would personally recommend AmeriDri to my family and friends, and I will always be grateful for the amazing job that Josh and his crew did on my property.

Laura Voss-Colorado Springs, CO

Patricia Skrdlant

Wonderful company to work with. I had a whole house cleaning of my ducts and Josh and Jacob did an excellent job and were both very professional and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend AmeriDri!

Patricia Skrdlant-Colorado Springs, CO

Zach Simmons

I would just like to write to you guys to thank you for being so amazing to work with. I got the contact from Google, and it routed me to Joe. After giving me some background I knew that this was the company to get stuff done. Joe was kind, understanding, and very informative. After giving me the office number to call, I left a message. I did not hear back for a while, so I called Joe back to let him know. Not even five minutes after I got a call from the office to set up a same day inspection (we had to get our rental walkthrough done and turn in a mold report at our request to the property manager soon). The specialist Josh was sent out and was incredibly awesome! Everything from kind to professional, to giving peace of mind and reassurance. It was like having a good friend come over to help. Even though the property manager did not accept the first letter of recommendation of mold removal. I was able to call Josh directly thanks to the business card. We were able to get a strip test very quickly. Even when asking what the process was, he explained it in a way that was easy to understand. The test was done over the weekend and did not expect a response until Tuesday. I called Josh and he let me know he was on the way back from the lab. With him knowing that we were worried and our current ventures are new and not starting great (the house not the company). While going down the interstate he pulled over to give me a overview of the report. When he did arrive back to the office, he sent the report right away. The property manager would not just accept the first letter and the mold report. I called Josh back and informed him with what the property manager was looking for. There was no huff and puff. Instead it was along the lines of “ok, so I’m going to get another letter out to you with the types of mold and the opinion of the company that it is not fit for human habitation, it will have the stamps and certification”. The great thing about this call was the understanding the urgency and the hoops we had to jump through, he did not charge us for the second letter. The day after submitting these to the property manager, I got a call from Josh letting me know that the property manager has given the go ahead for the mold removal. Seeing as that was the start to get our home mold free and the business aspect is now with the property manager and you guys. I just wanted to let you know that you guys are beyond amazing to work with. I will gladly recommend Ameridri to any person who would need the company assistance. I really wanted to find a Google, Facebook, some kind of social media to rate and comment how well this company has treated complete strangers. We are grateful for all you have done. Things from being able to talk to Joe, the same day service, the cooperation, friendliness, and professionalism that came from Josh and the whole company. Thank you many times over 5/5 10/10 any way it’s put some if the best if not the best service we have ever had. Thank you.

Zach Simmons-Colorado Springs, CO

Valerie Niemerg

Josh and Co. came out to see if I had any mold issues with my basement as I am getting ready to finish it. I had a spot under the back stairs that has leaked for years that I was unaware of. Josh eased my fears by telling me that there was no mold, just stained/rotted wood. No charge! That’s customer service. Thanks guys!

Valerie Niemerg-Colorado Springs, CO

Prudy Weil

AmeriDri is absolutely the very BEST !! They are true professionals, so courteous, going beyond to
please us as their customers and we always are delighted with the end result. Thank you Joe, Ed, Ryan
and Daniel for taking the stress off of our shoulders!!

Prudy Weil-Colorado Springs, CO

Jeremy Lane

Ameridri is awesome! They arrived on time and employees were very nice and professional. Job was done quickly and thoroughly cleaned. Will definitely refer to others and call back for repeat service.

Jeremy Lane-Colorado Springs, CO

Johnny G

Ameridri really responds. I have used Joe’s team twice over the past six years on large scale property projects and referred to two neighbors to address mold issues. Great service, great prices, easy to deal with. Steven Gregg, Monument, CO


Mark Lindaman

I have been working with AmeriDri for several years as an insurance adjuster. AmeriDri has always performed above my expectations and has given insurance claimants 100% quality service.
I am involved with several other mitigation contractors on a daily basis, but when it came down to my personal property I choose AmeriDri to do the work for me and my family.
If you find the need for an honest restoration company, then I suggest AmeriDri for water, fire or mold damage cleanup.

Mark Lindaman-Colorado Springs, CO

Lynnell Idigpio

We had an issue with a flooding basement due to abnormally high water tables. We called AmeriDri and they responded very quickly despite an enormous workload due to city wide flooding. The owner came out to personally inspect and set up our mitigation appointment. The guys who came out to work on the basement were very courteous and professional. Finally we were charged an extremely reasonable rate for the work completed which was far below the rates charged by other competing services. If you find yourself in need of damage mitigation services, we absolutely recommend AmeriDri.

Lynnell Idigpio-Colorado Springs, CO

HC Colorado

We built a house and struggled for almost 3 years with the builder. Every imaginable water related issue popped up from our roof leaking, plumbing installed in exterior walls bursting from lack of insulation, showers not being installed or caulked correctly….just an overall dream house nightmare. After contacting many repairremediation companies, Joe came out the day we called him and over the course of 2 years became our trusted advisor and contractor. Not only is Joe professional, high quality, and just awesome, but his contractors are also top-notch. Joe’s organization is so good that he has become our go-to for anything home related, even just for contractor recommendations. Like that mechanic, doctor, dentist, or teacher you wouldn’t move away from , Joe is that good and respected. I can’t recommend him enough.
Thank you, Joe!

Douglas Taylor

We noticed a wet spot on our wall and a leak in our roof. We called and they came to our house within 40 minutes. The inspector looked at the damage inside and then climbed on the roof. While up there he went ahead and sealed around our satellite dish fixing the problem. In total it took about 15 minutes and he didn’t even charge us. Great service experience!

Douglas Taylor-Colorado Springs, CO

George Hawkes

After experiencing a sewage backup in my basement on Turquoise I contacted Joe at AmeriDri. He was extremely friendly and professional and he did the job quick. The bid he gave me was also the cheapest but I would gladly have paid him more. I highly recommend Joe Crivello and his company. Joe was able to deal with my insurance company and I didn’t have to do a thing. Thanks, Joe! George Hawkes
Colorado Springs

George Hawkes, Red River, New Mexico

A Google User

After having some renters threaten me with a lawsuit because they thought mold was everywhere I called Joe at AmeriDri. His air sampling proved that there was not a mold problem and put everyone’s mind at ease. He was cheap, quick, and professional and I highly recommend him. Warren in Monument


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