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AmeriDri has been performing tile and grout cleaning in Colorado Springs for over 15 years. AmeriDri uses the best tile cleaning tool on the planet, the ROTOVAC tile cleaning machine, check out this tile cleaning video. Also you can get your monthly tile and grout cleaning coupon at the bottom of this page.

ROTOVAC Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool

ROTOVAC Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool

Most folks don’t realize that tile in their homes can be cleaned

Tile, along with the grout lines can be cleaned to look like new again in most cases. Think of all the areas where you have tile in your home or business, such as, tile on your floors, tile on your stairs, tile on your countertops and tile in your shower, etc.. In the United States we are moving towards hard surface floors as more and more people want a cleaner indoor environment. Professionally cleaning tile and grout takes special equipment and chemicals to get your tile looking new again. Let’s not forget the many different types of tile people have in their homes and businesses. There are natural stone tiles such as granite, slate, marble and limestone. There are man-made tiles such as ceramic, Porcelain and glass. So cleaning tile is not as easy as one might expect. A lot of training goes into understanding how to clean the many different types of tiles in our homes and businesses. AmeriDri uses several different types of equipment and cleaning chemicals depending upon the type and age of the tile we are cleaning. AmeriDri has an A+ with the BBB for over thirteen years and has been cleaning and restoring tile for nearly twenty five years.

People think that they can simply clean their tile and grout with bleach and a brush

This could be further from the truth. Although bleach may give the appearance of cleaning grout and tile it is only a temporary solution.

We, at AmeriDri understand that our clients want their tile and grout to look the best that it possibly can. This is why we do everything within our power to make sure that we get our customer’s tile and grout the cleanest that it can be the first time. Clean grout and tile typically equates to a healthier living environment. Many of the particles that make up the stains on a person’s tile and grout is due to mold. This mold typically grows in places that receive a high amount of humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens.

We can clean the entire tile and mold in those areas and remove all of the traces of mold and stains from them. This means that a person can breathe easier in knowing that there is not particles of mold that are present in a person’s house that could contribute to several respiratory problems, including asthma, that seems to be affecting an increasing number of people every year.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians can take both the discoloration and biological nuisance out of our customer’s tile and grout so that they can enjoy their bathrooms and kitchens without having to worry about any health dangers. So call AmeriDri, your experienced tile & grout cleaning Colorado Springs company today.

Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

You may be wondering why you should invest in having your commercial tile and grout professionally cleaned. There are many reasons to spend the money on having the professionals from AmeriDri come into your place of business to tackle this job for you. Our cleaners are trained to deal with tile and grout on an everyday basis. Our experts have the know-how and tools to clean and protect your tile floors properly.

You are investing in the maintenance and upkeep of the tiles in your place of business. Trusting in AmeriDri’s professionals is ultimately going to lend a longer life-span in maintaining a clean and sparkling look to your floors.

The cleaning professionals from AmeriDri use only top of the line equipment. Before you consider a DIY project, keep in mind that you do not have access to the expensive equipment and machinery our professionals bring to every job.

The professional and experienced staff from our company deals with cleaning tiles every day. They are trained to not only clean, but to maintain the integrity of your tiles. By hiring us for the job, you are adding value to your home or business while keeping your tiles beautifully clean and in great shape for years to come.

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Tile-Cleaning Coupon

Tile-Cleaning Coupon

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