Water Damage Drying Times

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How long will it take for my house or business to dry from water damage in Colorado Springs, Colorado?

AmeriDri restoration gets asked this very question everyday. I’m going to explain this in plain English. Let’s say you have a pipe break in your upstairs bathroom and the water runs for approximately two hours. Dry times on average are two to three days to have your home back to Pre-Loss conditions. Depending on the materials we are drying such as three quarter inch hardwood flooring, it could take up to five to seven days to dry, but if we get to the water damage within the first 12 hours then you can count on it not taking more than three days even with hardwood floors. See how we dry different types of building materials from the picture below

Drying A Tile Floors

Drying water damaged ceramic tile

Tenting tile for drying after water damage

Drying A Hardwood Floors

Drying hardwood floor after water damage

Drying Oak Floor from floof

Drying wood floor with an Injectidry system

Drying A Gutted Kitchen

Drying kitchen after water damage to home

Drying A Bedroom

Drying bedroom that sustained water damage

Specialty Drying A Ceiling

Ceiling Drying with lay flat tubing

I think you get the drying point!

It dose’t matter what gets wet in your home or business, AmeriDri has been drying homes and businesses for over 25 years.

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