What If You Had Microscope Eyes & Could See What Was in Your Mattress?

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You would probably be in utter shock if you could actually see what was in the mattress you sleep on every night

Professional mattress cleaning is an essential, and often overlooked, aspect of a good night’s sleep. More importantly, a clean mattress is essential to a healthy sleeping environment. The truth is, many people are completely unaware of this professional service, and worse yet, why it’s needed! If you are one of the many who have questions about the benefits of mattress cleaning, we’re here to help!

Why is professional mattress cleaning necessary?

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new mattress it’s very light, yet after a year or two of use you can barely lift it with help? Well, there is a truly disgusting reason for that! Your body sheds a massive amount of dead skin flakes, a lot of these skin flakes are in your bed while you sleep. These dead skin flakes are small, and soon accumulate in the porous fabric and filling of your mattress.
With the skin flakes come dust mites, and their droppings. YUCK! Studies have shown that in 10 years a mattress can double in weight due to the accumulation of dust mites, dust mite droppings and skin cells – disgusting is an understatement!
Also, dust mites are a common cause of allergies and can lead to stunted growth in children and many other health issues. Wake up every morning with your nose stuffy/runny and the pounding of a sinus headache? There is an easy solution! Professional cleaning every 6 months ensures your mattress is bug and skin free (not to mention other nasty things that accumulate in our mattresses every night, like drooling, farting, etc.). In addition, regular mattress cleanings have been proven to lesson and alleviate symptoms of asthma and allergy sufferers as well as helping to prevent children from developing those same allergies.
You can have a clean and sanitized mattress within an hour with professional cleaning and it costs less than a few trips with your family to your favorite fast food restaurant.

How does professional mattress cleaning work?

Professional mattress cleaning services use high pressure steam and truck mounted water extraction machines that deep cleans, sanitizes and removes all the unimaginable stuff from your mattress. The high pressure and heat penetrates deep into your mattress, efficiently killing bacteria, and removing dust, skin cells, dust mites, stains, fungus and any other impurities that are found in most mattresses.

Fully trained mattress cleaning technicians

AmeriDri’s fully trained mattress cleaning technicians have been cleaning mattresses in Colorado and New Mexico for many years. As a matter of fact, AmeriDri was awarded a contract at Fort Carson Army base where we cleaned thousands of mattresses! Our trained employees will examine the mattress, and if needed, choose the right green detergent to pre-treat any stains. High pressure steam cleaning equipment is then used to deep clean and remove stains and other impurities, leaving your mattress looking and smelling as clean as the day you bought it. Once they are done, you can be sure that your mattress is 100% clean, free of mites, bugs, skin cells, dust and bacteria.

How often should I clean my mattress? Is there a recommended period of time?

As a general rule, it is recommended you have your mattresses professionally cleaned at least twice a year for mattresses that get regular use. This will help avoid the buildup of nasty bugs, skin cells, and other stains, and ensure that your bed is actually as clean and safe as it was the day you bought the mattress. Hiring a professional service is a key factor to protecting your home and health from dust and dust mite related problems.

Is there anything I can do between cleaning to keep my mattress cleaner?

Other than using a mattress cover, vacuuming your mattress on a regular basis is one of the best ways to avoid the massive buildup of dust, skin cells, and dust mites. Using a high powered vacuum cleaner, AmeriDri suggests you vacuum the mattress at least once a week. Make sure you wash your sheets, and mattress cover, and then vacuum the bare mattress, including the sides.
Using an impervious mattress cover, as well as flipping your mattress regularly are good ideas. Flipping your mattress not only helps it wear evenly, it gives you a chance to clean all sides of the mattress regularly. Marking down on your calendar, and keeping a regular schedule of cleaning is key to having a clean, safe, mattress. If you have one of those high end no flip mattresses, then you should clean more often.
Hiring a professional mattress cleaner is essential to a safe sleeping environment, and avoiding dust mites, fungus, dead skin cells and all the other impurities that seem to get into your mattress over time. It’s no secret that mattresses seem to ‘gain’ weight over time, but what most people fail to realize is that the weight is due to dead skin cells, dust, insects and insect droppings that accumulate in the mattress over time (along with other gunk that we don’t need to discuss). Regular cleaning is the best way to avoid this, and ensure your mattress is as clean as your sheets smell!


It’s highly recommended, you have your mattress professionally cleaned at least twice a year for optimal results. Try searching mattress cleaning Colorado Springs or change the city name with your city name to find a professional mattress cleaning company in your city.


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