When should I call a Professional Water Damage Company?

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If your home or business has sustained more than 5 square feet of water damage you should consider calling a local water mitigation professional.

When restoration is necessary for water damage, it’s needed right away

Moisture has the nasty tendency to attract all kinds of microbes. Water damage can destroy nearly anything given enough time, and it doesn’t take a lot of time for it to destroy any porous or other organic materials. You only need to be away from your home or business for a few hours once a pipe bursts for the damage to be in the thousands of dollars. Hiring an IICRC Certified Company with water damage technicians that are also certified by the IICRC will save you a lot of headaches. At AmeriDri Restoration we understand that time is critical when responding to a water damage disaster. We always come prepared for nearly any disaster situation at your home or business. Colorado Springs has a lot of choices when it comes to finding reputable Water Mitigation Companies, just make sure the company you hire is certified with the IICRC.


Before a restoration company can repair the water damage, technicians have to know what they are dealing with

A thorough inspection with high tech moisture meters and infrared cameras will allow the technicians to locate and pinpoint just how much moisture is in the materials of the home or business. When we find the location of the moisture, the technicians will extract out any standing water and apply an environmentally safe antimicrobial, prior to beginning the drying process so further damage will not occur. Reputable Restoration Companies will use equipment like air movers, dehumidifiers and other specialty drying equipment during the drying process and it generally takes three to five days to complete the drying process. If the certified water damage technicians can respond quickly to the disaster, they can often save flooring and drywall if it’s a fresh water flood, which is referred to as a category one loss.


The number one reason to start the drying process quickly

Mold can start to grow within 48 hours of building materials being wet. Although the majority of homes we have been involved with over the past 25 years it’s more like 72 hours before we start to notice mold growth. Also the longer you wait, the more probable you will not be able to save items like carpet, hardwood floor, etc.



In the aftermath of a flood, frozen pipe, burst pipe or other disaster, it may seem like the situation is an impossible task.

Not only is this not true, a certified firm with certified water damage technicians can mitigate the property in just days. In 25 years of serving clients with water damage, I have never not been able to save the property! AmeriDri’s clients know, “when life gets messy we clean things up!”


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