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What to do if you have a disaster in your home or business

When water damage in Colorado Springs, fire damage, or mold damage disasters strike, it’s important to stay level headed and make the best decisions possible for your family and home. Water, Sewage Backup, Mold, Fire & Smoke Damage are not common household occurrences and can be extremely dangerous to the health and safety of your family and the structure of your home or business. If you would like to get an idea of how a water damage claim is billed, see our blog on the subject by clicking here. If you had a pipe burst in your home and one or more rooms were effected by water, the first thing you should do is turn of the electricity before you touch any electrical in your home or business. If you have furniture that might stain the carpet, put wax paper or foil pieces under the legs to protect the carpet from dye transfer. You will also need to remove any loose items off the floor. Take as many pictures or videos of the damaged area or areas as soon as you can because your insurance provider will need to see evidence of the initial damage. If you call a professional mitigation company out to your property as soon as you find the damage, you will not need to do any of the above mentioned procedures, the disaster company will do all this for you and have a written report for your insurance company. Here is a link if you want to understand when you should call a professional disaster mitigation company for immediate help. If you have the time, I wrote over a 6,000 word E-Book on insurance riders that will help you understand your insurance policy better.

Don’t worry, AmeriDri is here to assist you during this stressful time. Disasters of these types can be mitigated by AmeriDri restoration professionals. We have been experts in water damage Colorado Springs, CO and Mold Damage Colorado Springs for over 25 years! We’re a family owned business that has been serving the Colorado Springs area for 13 years! We’ve had an A+ with the BBB of Pikes Peak for over 13 years! If you have a,water, mold, sewage, or fire disaster call us immediately. If you think your property might be in an area that floods from natural disasters then check out this FEMA web page.

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AmeriDri’s Most Frequent Calls for Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs, CO

  • Water Pipe Bursts (60% are outside water faucets)
  • Appliance water line bursts or leaks
  • Flooding from heavy rains or snow melt (Usually not covered by insurance)
  • Roof damage from hail, water, and snow. Ice dams can also cause damage to the attic and the interior of the property.
  • Storm Damage (Wind and Hail can damage the exterior of your home)
  • Water Seepage into Basement or Crawlspace (Water can get into your basement or crawlspace through cracks in your foundation or from a high water table as we have seen from the Spring rains in April 2015)
  • Backup of Sewage (Sewage can backup from your basement or crawlspace due to a roots in your main line, objects stuck in main line or low spots in your main line, Sewage can also overflow from your toilet from being clogged as we have seen many times in Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Water heater supply line leak or burst. Rusted bottom can also over time begin to leak and cause damage. Check your hot water heater on a monthly basis to avoid a potential disaster.

How to not have a water damage restoration insurance claim in your Colorado Springs, CO Home or Business during the winter of 2015/2016:

  • Make sure to cover all exterior faucets
  • Sprinkler lines need to be blown out and shut off for winter
  • Open all cabinets to have access to water pipes
  • Click here for more information on how to prevent water damage from frozen pipes in your Colorado Springs, CO Home or Business

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